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HQD GLAZE 12000PUFFS | Tobacco


ข้อมูลผลิตภัณฑ์ HQD GLAZE 12000 PUFFS กลิ่นยาสูบ

  • Salt Nic 3%
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Smart LED Screen Real-time Digital Display

The intelligent LED screen displays real-time notifications, including battery level, oil volume, and charging state. Premium LED delivers detailed vision while keeping the frame-rate smooth and stable thanks to its energy-efficient, high-resolution, high-brightness, and long service life, giving you an excellent experience and rich vaping!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs


Dual Mesh Coils Consistent Rich Flavors

Made with Swiss alloy,  dual mesh coils with stable performance output stronger heating power while alternately operating through an intelligent chip program to better deliver consistent tastes until the last! A superior technology solution to the short life and fading tastes of e-cigarettes!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs


Patented Cotton Technology Puff Counts Increased By 20%

Glaze adapts HQD‘s revolutionary patented cotton technique, puff counts increased by 20%, and e-liquid utilization over 95%!   The selected medical-grade cotton features strong heat resistance and oil conductivity without releasing harmful substances even under a long-term high temperature. Well supplied with oil, the cotton minimizes burnout while fast gathering heat to evaporate every e-liquid drip fully!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs


Innovative All-in-one Cartridge Upgraded leak-proof Capability

The integrated cartridge takes its leak-proof ability to the next level! No matter how you carry it, its reliable sealing ensures a carefree experience. Excellent carrying capacity brings considerable e-liquid to soak the cotton thoroughly and produce rich tastes without burnt smells!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs | Specification

Incredible Puff Counts Vaping At Will

The inserted large-capacity rechargeable battery produces up to 12000 puffs! Intelligent charging protection design ensures ultimate security and convenience for your vaping while charging, without waiting despite power cuts! Charge up shorter and operate longer!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs

Patented Structural Design Activation Speed Increased By 40%

The inner structure applies hydromechanics, making outstanding breakthroughs in activation velocity. The unique placement of the airflow sensor increases activation speed by 40%! Scientific circuitous airway design effectively prevents core components from aerosol corrosion while coils fast get cool as massive air flows inside quickly and smoothly just by slightly inhaling!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs

Quality Metal Box High-End Texture

Glaze is a metal box with aesthetic corners and a slick texture, which is known for its strength and durability and is nearly impervious to dust, erosion, and abrasion. Exceed your expectations with great damage-resistant in daily operation!


HQD Glaze 12000 puffs


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